Undelete Lost PCT Images after CF Showing Memory Card Parameter Error Message

Photos are something that are precious to everyone because it reminds us our memorable days. These days, digital camera are commonly used to capture their precious moment. It store their user data in storage media like memory card or Compact Flash card which are very prone to damage. CF cards or Compact Flash cards are compact device which enables user to store large amount of photographs in their digital camera upto 128 GB. CF cards are one among the oldest card formats as compared to other cards like XD card, SD cards, MMC cards etc.

CF cards offers high data reliability because it is not completely immune to data loss.  Sometime you might have faced a situation that you are unusable to access your digital photographs or get various error messages while accessing it. Accidental deletion, formatting of card, capturing images in low battery or mis-handling of storage devices are the most common scenarios that cause severe data loss. Here are some common error messages that usually arises after corruption of photographs:

  • “Read/Write error”
  • “Card not Initialized”
  • “Cannot use Memory Card”
  • “Card error – specified information not found”
  • “Memory Card Requires Formatting, Continue/Cancel”
  • “Warning: Card Cannot be Read” while filming video.

In order to access your damaged, corrupted, deleted or even lost PCT images, you can opt Photo Recovery Software which is the best and safe way to restore your deleted images from CF data. By using this effective software you can easily undelete lost PCT images as it is well helmeted with advanced scanning algorithm by the help of which first it scan the specified files like PNG image and restore it back even from emptied trash bin as well as capable to recover deleted MOS images after pressing Shift+del in Windows PC. The tool supports all digital camera brands hence you can easily restore deleted or lost pictures from Sony digital camera or any other brands like Nikon, Canon, Samsung etc.

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