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Rowdy Disouza

A California native full of charm, god sense of humor and a passion for writing, Rowdy Disouza is a talented content writer covering all things including Software gadgets, technical helps, fashion and lifestyle. Rowdy first realized his aim of becoming an content writer n the age of 14 and for then, he being a writer, he has written over hundred of articles, blogs, contents that all were really helpful to make his a successful person.

After attending and completing graduation from California University, he with a degree in English writing, he quickly became a popular and well settled writer in the hot markets, software markets and others. Till now he has written over various topics including Photo Recovery Software, JPEG recovery, etc.  In future he wish to continue this writing and show much more ability in a word to enhance his life journey.

James Waston

James Waston was born in 1983 in California, USA. He attained a degree in IT at California university  and was also awarded an honorary in July 2009. James, later on joined IBM and now have established his own IT consultancy company in California itself.

James as an expert in several software field including system designing, information engineering, computer development methodology, he also assists and provides customer care services to their clients. He assists solution regarding Photo Recovery software and techniques and also post personal views and knowledge via blogs and content for several software sites.

His methodology involves repetitious development in regard to software development and finding prototypes to speed up functions and speed of different operating system including Windows and MAC.

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